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There is a greater movement towards conscious business practices and Office Yoga has a seat at the table.

For the last 40 years, business has been defined as "profit at all costs, within the boundaries of the law." Clearly this neglects to include employee wellbeing, environmental protection and stakeholder consideration (you!).

This course provides practicals applications for infusing yoga into the business world. Whether you choose to practice aparigraha through equal pay or teach asana during lunch, this course can be your blueprint to teaching Office Yoga.

Chapter 1: Office Yoga Overview

What is Office Yoga, anyway?

Do you find yourself asking, what is Office Yoga? And how is it different than regular yoga? In this chapter you'll get a crystal clear explanation of what Office Yoga really is and different frameworks in which you can apply this training.

Chapter 2: The Business Case

Why would companies want to offer Office Yoga?

Chapter 2 will give you a full review on why companies would want to offer Office Yoga services to their team, based on scientific research. We will analyze some of our favorite clients, the benefits they received and WHY this service works.

Chapter 3: The Four Pillars of Office Yoga

What to consider beyond asana

Chapter 3 will cover the four pillars of Office Yoga and how each of them can be applied. The four pillars are:

  • Asana (yoga formats, sequences and poses) 
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques to manage the mind ) 
  • Meditation (specifically for focus and stress release) 
  • Philosophy (how to incorporate Yama & Niyama in the workplace)

Chapter 4: Formats & Sequencing

How to teach in an office setting for onsite & remote teams

Chapter 4 will discuss how to teach in an office setting both onsite and remotely. This section will highlight:

  • Conference Table (group) and Desk (individual) formats
  • How to teach classes onsite in various spaces
  • How to teach remote classes using video conferencing (Google Meets, Zoom, Cisco Webex and more)
  • How to teach onsite & remote classes at the same time 

Chapter 5: Pose Breakdowns

How to modify poses for the environment and demographic

When I first started this business is 2011, I thought studio yoga would translate smoothly into the office environment. I was SO wrong. In Chapter 5 we will break down the different poses for Conference Table and Desk formats so you can see how to utilize the environment and equipment safely and efficiently. I've had enough awkward moments and clumsy transitions for all of us! Many to be shared in this chapter :)

Chapter 6: Professionalism

Quick tips for ethical business etiquette

In this final chapter we will discuss some baseline practices that incorporate appropriate workplace behaviors while maintaining ethical integrity as a yoga teacher. Long term, these are the details that will foster ongoing accounts, easier business negotiations and dependable income.

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Course curriculum

  • A fundamental overview of Office Yoga

  • Making the Business Case to Potential Clients

  • The foundational pillars of Office Yoga

  • Sequences templates and pose breakdown

  • Office Yoga pose breakdowns for sequencing

  • Professional behavior for fostering long term relationships

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